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15 fitness blogs for women

Top 15 Women’s Fitness Blogs to inspire you in 2015

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With the holiday season (and eating marathons) slowly approaching into a halt, the most common question for women nowadays is, “How the hell can I get my Pre- Christmas body back?!” No matter where you are in your fitness journey right now, the internet has a blog to support you all the way through it- until you win over it.

Everyone needs a fitspiration! Now, every body is beautiful—you just have to learn to appreciate it.

And here are the top 15 blogs to help you get on that business:



From health bucket lists to handling a hangover, Greatist is a well-rounded blog suited for the woman- on- the- go. The site is all about realistic, inspiring, and true- to- life advices mainly about healthy living. Bound with the mission to support everyone who committed themselves to be fit, the blog moves it readers with articles about exercises, diet meals, and life hacks! Plus, their team is very reliable, and they base their facts from science.



If you are looking for a personal blog to follow and inspire you this year, then, Fit Girls Diary can be your best fitness buddy! Not only will Monica May (the writer behind this blog) give you tips and tricks on working out, she also will provide you a specific program to follow on where you are on your fitness journey. Some of these programs include solely- dedicated topics on working out, weight loss, muscle tone, muscle growth, and diet. It is definitely going on you bookmark list!



The Black Girls Run Blog is all about—well, you guessed it, running, or jogging. Fuelled by the goal to stop obesity of the African- American family, the founders of the blog first envisioned the blog to educate unexperienced people about running and fitness. If you are someone who just decided to make a sharp turn into your life, and decided to prioritize health this coming year, then this blog will definitely give you a jumpstart. Also, white girls can also follow Black Girls Run!



Remember when weightlifting was only for men? Forget about that. This Girls Gone Strong blog is for the women who are interested in weightlifting, getting chiselled muscles, and rock- hard abs. There is nothing hotter than that. The site features articles mostly about different kinds and ways of lifting exercises, and also common injuries these strong women get. Moreover, the blog is also giving away free books to their readers to help them get started on the world of weightlifting.



Fitnessista blog is absolutely honest, exciting, and yet, very informative. It is actually a personal blog of a gym trainer turned wife tuned mom. If you think that being a mother means giving up your glorious pre-baby body, then this blog just proves that wrong. You will love the all- natural recipes that Gina (the woman behind this blog) makes, and you will also adore her life with her family. Moreover, she never forgets to post quick, efficient workouts for moms like her.



Goal- oriented. Specific. Detailed. That is how you describe this wonderful blog called Blogilates. A first preview on its recent posts will definitely get you hooked. You will definitely love the Workout Calendar on its page, which features something like 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. This blog is very organized, and informative. It features in photos the different exercises you have to do to reach your fitness goal. Plus, the author behind it, Cassey, is definitely a fitspiration to all.



What you will love about this amazing blog is that, it is unquestionably made to empower women. Neghar Fonooni, the author of the website, is definitely someone you would be friends with in real life. Her blog posts are not only about looking good, it focuses more on feeling good. Her blog is mostly about her personal stand on the true meaning of being beautiful. If you are feeling down lately, a quick read on one of her articles will surely pick you up.



Grit by Brit is definitely one personal blog you shouldn’t miss. With just a few scrolls and clicks on her About Me tab will have you swooning at Brit, the writer of the blog. Getting an MBA at Harvard, and now currently a basketball team coach at Cornell, I think her life is a great manifestation that you can always have your perfect body while you live your life to the fullest- at the same time!



An online format of the famous Shape Magazine, this blog is as good and as informative and reliable as its hard copy version. The magazine itself started in 1981, and now it is the top women’s fitness magazine for all. The site offers a lot of information for people who just decided to work out on their post- Christmas muffin tops, and for those who are just trying really hard to shed off the extra five pounds. It is the holy grail of women’s fitness!



Now this is a website solely dedicated to Women’s Fitness, no flowering words, no non-sense. The best thing about the site is that it is very easy to use. It has tabs ranging from Weight Loss, Beauty, and Pregnancy. The blog also has different fitness programs that will develop your body holistically- exercise, diet, motivation, tracking, consultation. You name it, they have it! The blog aims to provide their readers with their best bodies- today!



Zuzka Light was once part of a fitness team but she branched out as a solo trainer on this blog. Of course, her awesome abs and toned arms will tell you why. She posts mostly about her workouts, and her meals. However, I believe that the best feature in her blog are her workout videos. Her amazing body is definitely going up on your goal wall, but there is also something about her that makes you want to choose her as your personal trainer and life coach. Zuzka Light is definitely a great blog for every girl who dreamt of a bikini body.



Motivation. That will be the first word that will pop into your head as you open Pictures of amazing body transformations will wow you, and ask will make you ask yourself, how is this possible? Karena and Katrina, the women behind this website shall answer that for you! They are both personal trainers and lifestyle coaches. While Katrina has a degree on Health Science, Karena is a triathlete. Oh, and they also have been featured on countless magazines like Vogue and In Style. Pursuing their Tone it Up Program is definitely the answer to the question how earlier.



When Janae first fell in love with running when she was 12, she knew that the best lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. She has true talent in running marathons, but her blog is a mirror on how she takes care of that talent, honing it more, and getting stronger each day. She also has a degree on health education. She mostly posts about her family, meals, adventures, fitness, and most of all, running. This blog is very personal and inspiring. Oh, she is also a mom of a lovely two- year- old girl.



The woman behind this fantastic blog is a runner- turned- mom- turned- runner (again). A quick look into her blog will tell you that she is very passionate about running and fitness, with an undeniable love for marathons. Dorothy was also in the cover of Women’s Running Magazine last November/ December 2012. Now, she mostly blogs about what she eats, what she does, and, what runner moms do. It is definitely a must visit blog for runners.



If you like precise, on- point, numbered lists of fitness advice and motivation, then Polkadotted is for you. Moreover, it is like a Pinterest- themed fitness blog. You will surely love how they put together so many tutorials and trivia in short articles. Their exercises in photographic form is also a great feature for beginners and veterans alike. Once you enter this blog, I am sure that you will be hooked. I ended up clicking every article because of their quirky writing format.

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