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Now Foods Whey Protein Product Review

Now Foods Whey Protein Product Review – Over-all Rating: 4.6/5

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”left” asin=”B0015AQL1Q” cloaking=”default” height=”500″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”proteinshakesforwomenworld-20″ width=”240″]If you are someone who is looking for an organic, all natural substitute from the flavoured protein shakes in the market, then you should try this product from Now Foods, its main source of protein being whey.

What sets this product apart from the ones in the market is its organic features. This protein powder abides in a principle that believes in unflavoured whey protein is better than the artificially flavoured, chemically infused ones that most consumers currently like.

Besides never minding the flavoured protein hype, what sets this item apart from the others? This review might just tell you what you need to know before you decide to purchase this powder.

Price: 4/5

Valued at $64.99 per 5 pounds in Amazon, this item is slightly priced higher than its competitors. However, the protein content of each serving is also higher than other the other brands’. It means that, you might need less servings per day compared to the other kinds of powders. Thus, one can could last longer than the five-pound flavoured, but protein-less powders.

Approximately, my can lasted for more than two months. I have two servings per day, in the morning and at night. So that is it. I think that the item’s price is really reasonable and just does justice to the features it has to offer.

Quality: 4/5

Like what I said in the intro, this item comes unflavoured, but you have two options of how you want it: Natural Flavoured or just simply Unflavoured. I chose the natural flavoured.

I have to tell you, this is nothing like the chocolate or strawberry, it is simply whey. I have seen most reviews in Amazon saying that the item tastes gross, tastes bad, and all sorts of that. But honestly, I like how it is tasteless- it goes with everything!

Probably, the people who said that this product tastes bad is so used to the flavoured ones in the market. Also, maybe they just mixed it with plain water, which I also tried, and also found it unappealing, for it tastes like water with milk. But ever since I knew about that, I resolved to use it with just about everything—cereal, coffee, shakes, anything! I made its unflavoured beauty, an advantage rather than a displeasing one.

Also, I have been told by my gym instructor that, this item is supposed to be a supplement, not a snack. That is totally accurate, and so I always keep that in mind.

However, I did not like the way that the advertising claimed that it mixes easily, because I mix it with the liquid with great effort all the time. The first time I tried to mix it, lumps had appeared instead of a smooth concoction. Anyway, once I already learned the secret to mixing it (blender), life has been much easier for me.

Type of Protein: 5/5

According to the label, this protein shake is only made up of two ingredients, microfiltered whey protein and soy lecithin.

Microfiltered whey protein proves itself to be the leading source of protein that the body is most capable of ingesting and digesting. Compared to soy, milk, or eggs, whey stands out because our systems can absorb this kind of protein the easiest.

The other ingredient, soy lecithin, is less than 1% of the product, according on the package. It is naturally essential for the long storage of the item as it keeps the product as a powder for long periods of time. It is in almost everything we eat, I researched.

As promised, the product is purely whey, it is purely natural. It delivers what it promises and the taste is a manifestation to it.

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Effectiveness: 5/5

The product has around 30 grams of protein per serving or scoop. That is a lot compared to the other powders in the market that delivers only less than 25 grams.

So, it is only expected that you receive optimum results from it, which I did. After a week’s use of Now Foods, I must say that my recovery time has improved very much. In the long run, I expect to see more effects, as some signs of my body toning has been noticeable for a while now.

However, to see my well-toned body, I must exercise more and have a better meal plan and diet. That, I need to improve on. But this item is already doing great for me, even with minimal efforts from my side. I must say that it is really effective. Thumbs up!

Special Features of the Product: 5/5

The best thing about the product is of course, it is all natural. You can be so sure that you are receiving only the purest whey when you purchase this item. It does not include any artificial flavours, nor complex chemicals in it. It is just whey. It is just protein. No fancy flavours, but simply what your body needs.


  • Goes with just about anything
  • Very organic
  • Ingredients are very natural
  • Packaging and marketing is honest and well organized
  • Virtually tasteless or bland


  • Hard to mix at times
  • Lack of flavour might be off putting to some
  • Quite foamy sometimes

Over-all Rating: 4.6/5

The Now Foods Whey Protein is a fresh new breath of a kind of protein powder that takes a break from all the supposed to be harmful chemicals in an average assorted flavoured protein flavours in the market. The best feature of this item is its organic properties. It is all natural whey, and it is evident in its taste. However, some people strongly dislike the almost tasteless flavour. Thus, it is the least liked thing about this protein drink.

Priced at less than seventy bucks in Amazon, this Now Foods product will satisfy all your protein needs for a day—guaranteed. You can only rely on this product to live up to your expectations as time goes by. The taste, too, kind of grows on you as you choose to be healthy, organic, and all natural.


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