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Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises for Busy Women

top 10 bodyweight exercises for women

Bodyweight exercises are ideal for busy women due to the fact they can be done in the comfort of their home. There are no gym membership fees or other people around, besides maybe your family, while you work out and get into shape. Bodyweight exercises can affect your entire body instead of only focusing on specific parts of the body, such as with weight lifting or using other exercise equipment.

Below is a list of 10 bodyweight exercises for busy women, a description of each one, and which parts of the body it affects: (more…)

prevent weight loss mistakes

Workout Mistakes That Can Prevent Weight Loss

Many people try to lose weight but sometimes it seems like it is something impossible to do. The exercises that you do might not be making you lose enough weight. The amount of weight a person can lose will depend on the type of exercises that they do. However, some people will spend most of their time in the gym but still end up with nothing to show off. Here are a few workout mistakes that women do. (more…)

shakes for active women

Why active women should drink protein shakes

shakes for active women

A healthy lifestyle is achieved through being active and giving your body the nutrients it requires. An active woman who wants to have lean muscles, reduce the waistline and feel healthy should consider taking protein supplements when doing their workouts. There are numerous protein supplements in the market today and it will depend on the individual personality when it comes to choosing the product to use. Budget, individual preferences and dietary goals are always different. Nevertheless, a woman will require proteins whether she wants to build muscles or slim. (more…)