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protein sources

What are proteins and why do we need them?

protein sources

Proteins are a basic building block of the body and they are so fundamental for the human body that our whole architecture is based on it. Whether its cells, tissues, muscles, bones and organs, everything needs protein to hold on to each other. Without them our body cannot sustain together efficiently to provide us the complete human structure.  It is also an important part of our metabolism where in the form of enzyme it helps to enhance the activity of the chemical reactions. It is also present in our immune system in the form of antibodies to fight various diseases. To get the best out of protein it’s recommended to start using supplements. We provide you with useful information about protein shakes for women in our detailed guide. Don’t forget to take advantage of this article written by industry experts. (more…)

vegan diet

What are the options of protein shakes for vegans

vegan diet

Protein consists of amino acids, which form dipeptide and polypeptide the main blocks of its structure. All types of amino acids obtained from meat and fish. For consuming higher amounts of proteins in an easy digestible form, shakes used.

Protein powders are a popular way to get the required amount of amino acids in a single serving. Powders mixed with water, juice or a plant-based milk for a high-nutritional value, as a quick snack. (more…)

whey vs soy protein

Which Protein is Better, Whey or Soy?

whey vs soy proteinProtein is an important part of our daily diet. The athletes, bodybuilders and sportsman will usually choice to consume diets that are high in protein for their muscle building. But, fact is that, our body needs only a specific amount of protein and anything excess is harmful for our body.

There are two main types of protein that frequently use by the athletes and bodybuilders as a supplement of their body. These are —Whey and Soy. (more…)

What are the different types of protein in protein shakes

types of protein shakes

Protein is a very important part of our daily diet. Many people ranging from athletes to everyday people drink protein shakes to ensure they are getting enough of the nutrient. Shakes contain different types of protein and choosing the right shake is very important. Each type can create different results because various types of the nutrient work in different ways. The best way to choose what type is best for you is to be informed about all the different kinds. (more…)