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BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder

BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder Review – Over-all Rating: 4.5/5

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”left” asin=”B002DYJ1EC” cloaking=”yes” height=”500″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”yes” new_window=”yes” src=”” tag=”proteinshakesforwomenworld-20″ width=”300″]There are already a lot of protein powders in the market, but the BSN Syntha-6 promises an array of great features to offer to its patronisers.

It has undeniably great flavour, and the most intriguing part is its protein sources. Unlike most brands on the market which has a lone source of protein, the Syntha-6 presents six different kinds of sources, all packed in one serving. Let us see how these are performing based on this review.

Price: 4/5

To be upfront, the BSN Syntha-6 is cheaper than most protein shakes in the market. With a margin of an average of five dollars, a pack of a five- pound version of this item is priced at only $49.99 in Amazon.

However, there is a little quite a difference between a certain flavour versus any other flavours. A favourite of many, chocolate milkshake is a few pennies cheaper in the same site. So, that is actually good news to hear if you are a sucker for chocolate products like I am!

For someone who uses four servings a day, this product could last for more than a month! Anyway, this product is, undoubtedly, a really cheap one you can save on very much.

Quality: 4/5

If you calculate it precisely, you come to know that this great tasting drink has actually 22 grams of protein per serving or scoop. That is an amount a little too below the leading brand’s nutritional values.

But the mix really tastes great, so I cannot complain. Also, it does its job very well. Since I started drinking it, I had more energy for my workouts. After one week of use, I observed that I can even do an extra set, thanks to Syntha-6. I feel much stronger and more relaxed while exercising. Indeed, it has improved my recovery time.

After more weeks of use, I noticed that I had already developed some muscle, which I am very happy about. Of course, a protein shake is no guarantee to a six-pack, or even toned arms, so I really worked hard to achieve my goals. But, I think my progress would be less than it is today, if I was not even using one of these mixtures.

Moreover, the product itself as a solute is very mixable. It goes well with water, but I prefer making it into a milkshake. Its flavour is very, very rich. The taste is very great, nothing like the other brands that my gym buddies have talked about. It is also very thick and foamy, which I like very much, too. It has really great consistency throughout, very smooth.

However, the great taste comes with a price to pay, perhaps. A downside in using this Syntha-6 is that some of its ingredients are artificial, if you take a closer look. A reading of the ingredients list and nutritional value reveals that it has 15 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fat per serving. The label also admits that the product uses artificial flavours, and too complex chemicals.

Nevertheless, the product come with six variants of flavours such as Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Milkshake, and Chocolate Cake Batter. For me, this protein shake just does justice to its price. And I am fully aware that the flavour maybe caused by sweeteners, but I do not mind it that much. I am a big fan of technology, and I am happy as long as I am receiving my daily need for protein from this protein shake.

Type of Protein: 4.5/5

At first, I thought the Six in Syntha-6 is a figure to represent their six delicious flavours, but I was wrong. It is actually more about the six different types of proteins included in their product. Syntha-6 is actually a shortened name for synthesis of six kinds of protein sources.

The first protein source that will react to your digestive system is the whey protein isolate. It gives a rush of protein while working out. The second one is said to be an ultra-filtered whey protein. It is believed to react after 2-3 hours prior to your intake.

The next one is a special kind of egg protein called egg albumen. Then, the milk protein kicks in to your system. After that, the calcium caseinate in your body produces micellar aplpha, beta- caseins, and caseinates.

Last but not the least, the product also has building blocks of proteins, amino acids. It is a big factor of the improvement of your recovery time while working out.

To wrap it up, the Syntha-6 has six kinds of protein sources namely: whey protein isolate, ultra-filtered whey protein, egg albumen, milk protein, calcium caseinate, and amino acids.

I am in no way a scientist, so I do not know what some of these protein sources mean, but I think it does its part pretty well, so far. However, a little description from Amazon would have helped those who are clueless.

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Effectiveness: 5/5

Just like what I said in the functionality part, the Syntha-6 does its job very well. It worked for me. Now here is a more elaborate story of my protein shake intake.

I used to workout really intensely, and couple that with a balanced diet, of course. However, I felt like I was not getting the results I wanted within my time frame, so one of my gym buddies recommended Syntha-6 to me.

Then, I used it once in the morning, twice through the day, and another one to the night. I can say that it did wonders to me, but that does not mean it is the sole cause of my toned body.

I still exercised and weight lifted, and the protein helped so much in my recovery time and strength. Also, it increased my muscle mass gradually, so that is really a big plus for me.

Special Features of the Product: 5/5

I think, I am one with everybody, when I say that the big bonus of this product is the taste. It is just so rarely that protein shakes could be this good. My personal favourite is the chocolate milkshake!

Oh, the fibre content is also good for those with slow metabolism. I used this feature, too, because I am one of them.


  • Excellent flavour
  • Diverse protein source
  • Relatively cheap
  • Does wonders for the body


  • Artificial flavours are present
  • Little low on explaining the technicality of the product


Over-all Rating: 4.5/5

In summary, Syntha-6 is an impressive product who wants to take a shot in body building. It helps improve your recovery time while lifting, and it just energizes you throughout your day. Priced at less than fifty bucks in Amazon, there is nothing to lose if you decide to try this protein shake. Its great taste is the best feature yet! There is no denying.

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