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Protein Shakes for Women – Ultimate Guide for Ladies

Protein Shakes for Women


With so many worries in our lives, obesity has added some extra burden on our mind and bodies. If you have ever experienced the same burden, probably gym would be the first place you headed towards to find some relief. There, you would have also noticed people talking about different weight loss methodologies like protein shakes for women, diet plans, specific workouts and a lot more. But have you ever tried any of these things? Did they really worked for you as you expected them to? Or are you still struggling with your bulky look? Maybe just now a lot of thoughts and questions pass by your head, but they keep on disturbing you unless and until you would not take any serious and effective step towards relieving yourself from the endless stress of obesity.

It’s always hard to take the very first step and usually most difficult to take it towards the right direction. But good news is that you have already headed towards the right direction as you are well aware of your problem now. Choosing the right remedy is another way to support this realization towards reality. Let’s explore what ways we can adopt and how it would be helpful for us to achieve the ideal weight for our body. Exercise can make you achieve some of your goals, but it can’t be done effectively without the proper intake of diet and especially supplements.

Adding protein shakes to women’s diet

Adding them in your workout regime can increase your weight loss process and provide you with the effective results in less time. It is a great way to boost up your body natural workout mechanism by activating metabolism instead of stressing out the body with extreme workout routines. No doubt, doing workouts even harder can make you achieve the slimmer body, but it can make you deficient of important nutrients and soon you would feel yourself weary.healthy diet for women

How to keep your body active and healthy even after excessive weight loss? How to lose fat instead of muscles? Attaining slimmer body is not just important to look more feminine and attractive, but it does matter to your health as well. Obesity just not come alone as it always invites many diseases to come along. So, maintaining a healthy weight is the necessity of the body. Supplements are loaded with enough nutrients to provide nourishment and enhance the metabolic processes. There are a lot of supplements easily available in the market. Below we prepared a comparison table with top-notch products to help you choose the best supplement.

Comparison of best supplements on the market

Gold Standard SYNTHA-6 NOW Foods Garden of Life
whey syntha whey isolate raw protein
In-depth Review Read more Read more Read more Read more
Overall Rating 95.2% 93.5% 86.9% 81.3%
Price 57.99$ $49.99 $64.99 $26.33 
Quality Highest High High Good
Rating 4.6/5 4.6/5 4.6/5 4/5
Type Whey Blend Multiple Quality Proteins Whey Isolate Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
Size 5lb. 5 lb. 5 lb. 1.37 lb.
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Supplements are not steroids:

With the popularity of these products among women, some misunderstandings have arisen that supplements contain steroids and they are just used for muscle building and only recommended for men. But the reality is quite opposite as shakes have proven clinical results in losing weight among women and it is highly recommended by many medical consultants.

Protein is the natural content of many natural dietary products like milk and it acts as a catalyst for the metabolic processes occurring in our bodies. Mostly, people facing harder time in losing weight most probably have a slow metabolism. Using protein powder can enhance their metabolism and hence aided them in quick weight loss. It helps in retention of muscles and loss of fat while workout. These nutrient supplements do not contain steroids and hence harmless to the body.

Benefits of Protein Shakes for Women:

It is the basic building block of our body, it is an essential nutrient with primary importance for the proper functioning of the human body. We daily take protein in our diet by incorporating dairy products, beans and fish in our meal. Besides its so much importance many of us may be unaware of its necessity and importance in our lives. Let’s educate ourselves a little bit more on why we should take this nutrient regularly.

  1. They help in the repair and growth of tissues and cells.
  2. It strengthens the muscles and maintain proper health of the organs.
  3. It increases the healing capability of our body.
  4. It helps in the proper balance of hormonal level in the body.
  5. It promotes better muscle function and relief from muscular tension.
  6. It is also an aesthetic nutrient, play an important role in the enhancement of our beauty by keeping our hair and nails healthy.
  7. It strengthens the immune system of our body and helps us to fight against various diseases. Hence, it is the main nutrient of our defense mechanism as it produces antibodies in our body.
  8. It helps in building and toning of muscles.
  9. Promote weight loss by keeping us feel fuller for longer and helps in reduction of appetite.
  10. It is a great energy source which keeps you active for a longer duration.
  11. They are helpful in the proper cognitive functions of our brains.
  12. It helps in lower down the blood pressure.
  13. It helps in the reduction of fat by boosting up the metabolism.
  14. It acts as an anti-cancer agent and keep you safe from this life threatening disease.
  15. It lowers down the blood cholesterol level.

Does Whey Really Help in Weight Loss?

Whether you are an athlete, a girl to get the hot figure and a lady trying to be a size 0. All you need is to know how you can achieve your goals. Sometimes little information can distract you from your path, it is advisable to do some work before starting on the path of achieving your goals. Now you have an idea how important this nutrient is for our body. The next step is how to achieve proper balance in the diet? Which sources to include and consult?

protein shakes for weight lossMost probably you started off by taking supplements to boost up weight loss but do you really understand what type of supplement you need and why? There are different types of protein products available, but Whey supplements are thought to be the best for weight loss.

Whey is driven from cheese and it is quite easy to prepare and use. There are many potential benefits of using whey in your diet, but we are narrowing down some of them for ease.

  1. Whey is an excellent source of energy which keeps you running for longer and hence greatly cut off the requirements of taking meals again and again.
  2. It reduces the hunger and reduce the total calorie intake per day.
  3. It helps in the reduction of weight by making you feel fuller and active.
  4. It helps in strengthening muscles, immune system and the most favorite supplement of athletes.
  5. It can be taken by people having lactose intolerance.
  6. It contains high level of branched amino acids and helps in boosting up the metabolic rate.

The Regular Body Requirements for the proper intake:

When is naturally present in the dietary products, then why you should consider taking supplements? This is the most frequent question asked by the ladies. Well, it is true that our diet already contains protein but are we fulfilling daily intake requirements? Mostly, the diet we take is not enough to justify our needs of the proper intake. This led to inefficient activity of our muscles and accumulate a lot of fat instead of building stronger muscles.

Protein is the most important nutrient for our muscles, bones and hair and we can’t stay healthy on cutting off it from our regular meals. I wonder if you ever tried to calculate the amount of protein intake per day. Why it is important to keep track of whatever of the nutrients you take daily? Well, if you are not taking enough of them, you may develop some health ailments and obviously the first thing which you could notice easily is the increase in your weight.

It is recommended that 15 – 30% of calories must come from protein depending upon your body requirements and age. There are some standard recommendations which can easily be followed to ensure the proper intake. These are as follows:


Age Recommended protein intake per day in grams
Children ages 1 – 3


Children ages 4 – 8


Children ages 9 – 13


Teenage girls ages 14 – 18


Teenage Boys ages 14 – 18


Women ages 19 – 70 onwards


Men ages 19 – 70 onwards



Proper Intake according to Your Goals:

It is also dependent on the goals you want to achieve. Whether you want to get back your beach or you are a guy looking to build muscles. It all depends on what you want so goes for protein intake, it varies based on your goals so some of the popular goals people set for them are:

  • For the person who is not seeking any goal the average body requirement is 0.5 – 0.7 grams per pound relative to total body weight.
  • Average Healthy Female who wants to lose fat, building and strengthening muscles and getting toned required 1 – 1.2 grams per pound relative to total body weight.
  • Average healthy male whose main goal is to gain and strengthening muscles, lose fat and toned muscles required 1- 1.5 grams per pound of body weight.
  • A healthy person (male or female) aiming to maintain proper body weight, lose fat and proper muscle toning required 0.8 – 1 grams per pound of total body weight.

If you are already following a workout routine or you are planning for the one, then you might want to know the proper timing of protein intake as well. It is quite confusing when to take them whether pre-workout or post-workout. Following the proper timings for intake of proper nutrients does matter to ensure achievement of maximum results. It is extremely critical for the development of your physique.

When to drink:

protein shake womenNo doubt carbohydrates are the quick and easy energy source, but they break down too fast and if you are taking just carbs alone before workout, then you might feel energy loss very quickly and crave for more food too soon. There comes the protein which, when taken accompanied by carbs, keep you filled for longer and cut down calories intake. It provides the favorable condition for the body changes during the workout. So fuel your muscles by taking in shakes for quick weight loss and better toned muscles.

Latest researches have shown that it is more beneficial to take protein before a workout than post workout. Hence, there are many products available to add some extra help to your weight loss regime. But the question here is why to take them before workout? Well, there must be some benefits attached to it convincing enough to take them pre-workout. They can be taken both pre and post workout, but from two paths, always there is one which is superior to others, same applies here. Adding protein supplements in your pre-workout routine has some wonderful benefits listed as follows:

  • Drinking shakes before workout enhances the burning capability of the body, it prevents the breakdown of muscles and helps in reduction of extra fat.
  • It enhances the synthesis of protein and fuel up your body with extra energy for a longer period of time and also helps prevent intake of extra calories.
  • Promotes weight loss by enhancing the metabolic activity and burning of calories.
Consequences of insufficient intake:

Did you ever think what happened if you do not take enough protein regularly? Not fulfilling the requirements lead to some adverse consequences same will happen if you do not ensure you get enough of them in your diet. The effect of deficiency varies. Sometimes its effect is minor, but if it gets worse can ultimately lead to the death.

The vegetarians are more prone to deficiency as vegetables does not provide with enough protein to fulfill their body needs. Most of the protein in our diet comes from dairy products and vegans do not incorporate them in their meals. If you are vegetarian and not taking enough protein then you must be aware of the different diseases caused by protein deficiency. Some of them are as under:

1. Mental Health disturbances:

The protein deficient diet can disturb the proper functioning of the brain and cognitive health. Prolong deficiency can lead to mental retardation, tiredness, depression, hormonal imbalance and mood swings.

2. Organs disability:
This nutrient is essential for the tissues and cell repair and it helps bodily to continuously build new tissues for the organs. The unavailability of sufficient protein will lead to disability of the body to repair tissues and hence can cause failure of many organs. Especially, the role of protein is important in the proper functioning of the renal system. In women the rate of renal diseases is high due to intake of diet poorer in protein.
3. Oedema:

The improper intake can cause fluid retention called oedema. It causes the swelling in the hands, feet and other parts of the body. Deficiency lead to high blood pressure, aching legs and skin discoloration.
4. Weaken Immune System:

The poor protein containing diet lead to a weak immune system as protein helps in production of antibodies and their absence reflect in poor functioning of the overall natural defense mechanism of your body against diseases.

5. Muscle loss:

When you do not supply your body with the required amount of protein, your body need to source it from elsewhere. The muscles are made of proteins and your body will start to break down your muscles to utilize their protein to perform various other functions of the body. This breakdown of muscles leads to accumulation of fat and ultimately lead to weight gain.

From aforementioned facts, the importance of protein is now quite clear. Deficiency is a critical condition which can result in serious consequences. The ignorance towards what you eat and what it contains can convert into a grave mistake. So, maintain the proper balance of nutrients  in your diet by carefully opting for the items you really need to eat. For females deficiency can be controlled by taking in the required amount of protein using various supplements, as they are loaded with a balanced amount of protein with complete guidance which is a great help in the maintenance of proper nutritional requirements of the body.

The potential benefits and importance of protein is inevitable for our health. It is equally essential for the women who just want to be healthy or struggling with weight loss. Protein is not just helps in weight loss, but it is also a great nutritional tool to provide a healthy mind and body. It is equally essential for the people of all ages and unavoidably important in all our life functions.

The best source to balance out the proper intake on a regular basis is to start taking protein shakes for women. These products have high nutritional importance and a huge popularity among weight loss seekers. It’s a more feasible way to keep check on how much protein you are taking in regularly without worrying about keeping track of protein amount, as the supplements provide you with all the necessary information and complete guidance to effectively utilize them. Now ladies be ready to rock your summer vacations on the beach with your loved ones with more confidence and energy. Start looking for all those dresses you had ever wished to fit in as after taking in protein shakes daily you would be able to try on all those prettier skinny dresses.

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